Trout box, Bertie & roast lamb!

I hope this finds you in fine fettle and that a good and jolly Sunday lies ahead for you.  I am already rather over excited as one of the big treats for Father’s Day, which I received on Friday evening, was to be allowed the huge honour (in our house) of selecting the main ingredient of today’s Sunday Roast.  As a result, there is a shoulder of lamb at home that has been in the oven since 7am and is by now a good way into its slow roasting journey.  I have also received the most delicious looking bottle of Bordeaux to go with it so I apologise now if this is missive is a little more concise than usual but I am desperate to get home and get feasting!


We have had a lovely week here at the Smoke with everyone in good order. Tim is a new man as we have finally had the Wi-Fi downstairs sorted out and he no longer has to stand on one leg, with one arm in the air and his tongue sticking out in order to get any sort of reception.  Amber managed to have Friday off and Tyna and Steph managed to exit the building before 6pm on at least two occasions which is a rare treat indeed.  As for me I actually manged to swing a golf club in anger for the first time in eight months on Wednesday afternoon which was a joy.  The promised thunderstorms duly arrived and as we wondered up the 13th fairway a huge flash of lightning overhead did make me turn to one of my playing partners and suggest we were completely mad.  He simply looked at me and said in a very serious tone and his strong Somerset accent “Tis only sheet lightning – that can’t kill you”.  I stood corrected and we played on.  However, I did chuckle to myself that should he be misinformed it would form the most wonderful epitaph on all four headstones.


I had a funny conversation with a lady earlier this week who had ordered cold smoked trout by mistake and rang me to say how utterly delicious it was and that she now had a new favourite that she would never had tried but for her cumbersome fingers on her keyboard.  This got me thinking that in my humble opinion all things trout are slightly passed over and are genuinely delicious and slightly different.  Tim suggested we should do a TROUT BOX offer this week to give you a chance to try all versions of our amazing trout in one go hopefully without breaking the bank.  I am delighted to offer you for this week only: –


Trout Box for just £26 delivered to your door it will contain: –

200g cold smoked trout

2 x hot smoked trout fillets

1 x 200g trout pate


We appear to be moving at breakneck speed towards July so I thought I would also remind you that our June Box remains available for one more week as does our Whole Baked Ham which can both be delivered for a total price of £35 each.

Finally, I thought I would tell you about a lovely road trip that Bertie (8) and I had yesterday.  We went up to Berkshire to visit some great friends of ours who have just finished building the most amazing winery and wanted me to see it.  With the weather set fair so that we could be outside all the time we set off.  We had the most brilliant morning and their daughter Charlotte entertained and ran Bertie ragged.  When it came time to leave, I was somewhat shocked to see a large box of “junk that Bertie says he would like to take home” being manhandled into the car.  As you may remember we are soon to be moving house and the general direction that ‘junk’ takes is out of the house not into it.  As we neared home I felt an unmistakable wave of anxiety building up as I began to rehearse the explanation I would offer to Mrs P regarding its arrival in the homestead.  I needn’t have worried Bertie was miles ahead of me and from the moment we pulled into the drive he took on the role of Father Christmas greeting and gathering his siblings with cries of “look at the presents I have bought for you” he somehow pulled it off, although I am still unconvinced that there is an essential need of a pink flamingo handwarmer and a bright yellow cushion disguised as an emoji in our lives?


I am away to pull the cork on that bottle of Bordeaux as the acceptable hour of alcohol consumption fast approaches and I’m convinced I can actually smell that lamb from five miles away!


Have a restful day and remember sheet lightening can’t kill you (allegedly) and life is not even close to complete without a pink flamingo handwarmer.

My very, very best regards to you.



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