I write this this morning in rather a state!  The main reason for this is that, having followed everyone who felt they had a right to give me advice, I yesterday trundled off to receive my Flu Jab.  The lovely lady who administered it got off to a flying start when she asked me to relax my arm and let it go floppy and when I did she said “gosh you have a very muscly arm!”.  I blushed and tried to give her my very best James Bond smile before her colleague started giggling and I realised she clearly said that to all the boys!  Anyway as I left she said it might make me feel a bit off colour for a couple of days.  Jeepers! I could barely get my head off the pillow this morning and the  golf and cricket practice I have promised the loons is beginning to look Everest-like in proportions, but as Bertie was very quick to point out “a promise is a promise!”.


The other reason for my mental pain and weariness this morning is that much to my utter shock and horror I returned to the homestead last night ready to prepare steak sandwiches for Film Night to be told there was no Film Night as it was week one of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.  The huge level of excitement was only matched by my despondency that between now and Christmas Saturday nights would just be me reduced to ranting at the television about “cheats who had clearly spent their entire youth being trained in dance” and “If that was a Charleston then I’m a Dutchman”.  It has not started well as of the entire list of apparent ‘celebrities’ Mrs P and I only knew who three of them were and one of them we cannot abide!


Hopefully some of you have now received our new catalogue and are enjoying thumbing your way through it beginning to decide who will be lucky enough to receive what both now and most importantly for Christmas.  It also means that from now un until the end of November every order will receive 10% off.  So whether you would like it delivered on Tuesday or on the 19th of December you will get 10% off the value of your order.  So, have fun and feel free to get ordering either online at www.brownandforrest.co.uk or call Amber in the office from 9am-4pm Monday to Saturday on 01458 250875.


I must away now as Bert, Stan and Edie have just appeared brandishing golf clubs with a look of serious determination on their faces so my limbs of lead are about to be pressed into action!


I hope you have a very relaxing Sunday and remember ones very best James Bond smile is never entirely wasted on someone coming at you with a needle!


My very best regards,



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