I write to you this morning from the family Pattisson’s favourite place of Instow in North Devon where for the last 15 years we have always spent the October half term.  The weather is beyond wet and wild and it is quite simply perfect.  Edith, Bertie and I set off down to the beach this morning pretty much at first light with Olive the dog to give her a huge walk before breakfast.  In true Pattisson fashion the moment we set foot onto the beach the skies turned to what only can be described as a biblical grey/black/ yellow and delivered exactly what they promised!  It was brilliant and we walked to the far waters edge before turning our faces into the tumult.  Now I have on occasion been known to bang on a good deal and the main topic of conversation on our outward journey was how amazing my new coat was, and how my waterproof trousers had never so much as left me damp.  One couldn’t speak on the homeward journey due to the need to keep ones eyes and mouth firmly shut against a mixture of sand, rain and hail stones!  However, it was with some surprise and concern that I noticed that a significant dampness had developed around my groinal area and shortly it became clear that I had in fact managed to leave the fly of my much heralded waterproof trousers ajar and the Pattisson privates were in fact awash with Devon Rain!  It was an uncomfortable last quarter mile or so but having shared my predicament with Bert and Edie their hysterical laughter and desire to get home to tell the others seemed to carry us home very promptly.

Hopefully a good many of you have received our new catalogue by now and fear not if you have not as they will be landing this week.  It is rather amazingly the last week of October which means that you only have one more week to enjoy the October Box, which we will deliver to any door of your choosing for £35.  Of course our 10% off all orders is with us so that if this weather convinces you to snuggle in and do your Christmas shopping or menu planning you can order today for delivery in December and still receive 10% off everything you order.

I must away now as having dried off and had an enormous breakfast I have been informed that it’s time to go crabbing and then I promised to build Stan a spitfire in the sand!  What on earth is wrong with a good old fashioned sand castle heaven alone knows but I’m secretly quite chuffed he believes me even remotely capable of such a task!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday and remember waterproof trousers are only as good as the halfwit using them!

My very best regards,