I write to you this morning from our kitchen table, I can hear the boys (Bertie and Stan) in the garden sounding like they may actually be killing each other although having just checked a moment ago all is well and they are simply charging at each other with a John Deere tractor and a plastic bubble car, in all honesty I’m not sure there is a better way of starting ones day of rest?!

Clearly we are all slowly digesting the merry message from our illustrious leaders and folk of science last night, I like all of us fear for some of my friends and customers who have tried and succeeded in still being here only to have yet another boulder thrown at them. Please don’t think I am making remotely light of it but I genuinely believe that we can’t control the uncontrollable so on that basis all I can do is look for the silliness and fun and drive hard at the positives preferably in a plastic bubble car or even a John Deere tractor.

We were lucky enough to have the most fantastic week in Instow, North Devon and are now back at home attacking some of the most pressing and mundane jobs that simply have to be done before Monday. One of these is genuinely harrowing for all concerned and that is the need to try and force a brush through Edith’s (daughter number 2) hair. As one who grew up with Wurzel Gummidge in the late 70’s and early 80’s the only description I can give is that she would have walked into the part and on news of a new modern version Charlie and I will be writing to the television studio responsible for its production and offering her up to fill the role of any hedgerow dwellers they may need as they will save significant money on the need for makeup and wigs! As I look to my right now she could pass for a white Diana Ross in her 1970’s prime! I have attached a photo so you can be the judge.

It is of course the 1st of November and I am delighted to offer you our new November Box this will contain: –
200g cold smoked salmon
4 x oak roasted pork & parsnip sausages
2 x hot smoked mackerel fillets
1 x whole hot smoked duck breast
200g traditional Somerset cheddar
All delivered to any door of your choosing for £35

We will continue to be here and deliver whatever gastronomic treats you would like direct to your door or indeed to the doors of any loved ones who may need a hug of the food variety if the more traditional version is not currently permitted. All orders placed for the whole of November will have 10% off whether you want it delivered this week, next week or indeed the week before Christmas.
Just call Amber in the office on 01458 250875 or go to www.brownandforrest.co.uk

Finally, I thought I would share something that proved to me that whatever madness we have put up with from on high there are stranger things going on right under our noses. In my case in Nancy’s (daughter number 1) bedroom. Yesterday she had a friend called Anya round for the day which has been a rare thing and Nancy was jolly excited about it. You can imagine my horror then when I knocked on her door to bid them farewell to find them sat on her bed surrounded by school books. When I enquired what they were doing they replied “Physics Homework” I retreated in a very confused state and didn’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of them. All I know is that the world has truly gone mad if one has a mate round to play and does ones homework?!! Although as Mrs P wisely says “you really shouldn’t judge everyone by your standards”!

I hope you remain in relatively good order, remember to smile and to always pick the John Deere tractor with a front end loader over a plastic bubble car in a game of head on collision!

My very, very best regards to you,