Sunday ramble, Tyna’s birthday & delivery

Good morning, from a wind battered and beyond wet Somerset.  This morning is calm, crisp and beautiful but the last 24 hours have been a tad extreme!  It was raining so hard yesterday that carrying out the simple task of walking back and forth across the car park to our barn from the smokery I got so much water in my hearing aid that it totally packed up!  This is of course a cause of huge irritation to Mrs P as apparently at least 50% of the questions she has asked me today have received that brilliantly helpful answer of total silence.  I have to confess that a theoretical day of rest with the volume significantly reduced is not an entirely unpleasant prospect, and on that basis I may put off simply checking that in fact a new battery is all that’s required for as long as I can!


Whether it was being given a slightly feminine name at birth, or having an abundance of strawberry blond hair, or simply that I have never been entirely conventional I was never one of those boys that wanted to be a train driver or a fireman or indeed  lorry driver.  That was until this week when the two shipping container fridges I have hired for the Christmas period were delivered.  They arrived on a articulated lorry with a huge trailer attached and a massive crane built into it.  The chap driving was a lovely Welshman called Christopher who then proceeded to attach massive chains to each in turn and then with his remote control lift them off the lorry and place them with pin point accuracy into the required position.  I stood and watched in bewildered awe as these four tonne fridges were swung around in the air.  The highlight was when he turned to me and said, in his glorious welsh accent, “I’m sorry if I take a while but I’ve got OCD about these things and can’t leave them until they are straight and absolutely level”.  True to his word he then whipped a spirit level from his trousers and did just that.  Even I revelled in the engineering brilliance of the whole process and have now decided to retrain as a lorry/crane driver.  All Mrs P had to say to this news was “that may take a while darling, you can barely drive”!


We now, as a result of the wonderful Christopher, have two huge fridges up and running and are ready to start filling them with deliciousness for all the Christmas orders that have been coming thick and fast this week.  We are already half way through November and that means that the clock is ticking on making sure that you get 10% off your orders as the offer will stop at close of play on the 30th of this month.  The only thing it does not apply to is the monthly box offers which are already heavily discounted and remain at their special £35 delivered price.  The November Box has been hugely popular especially for folk in lockdown and in need of a gastronomic treat and we will continue to ensure that if you need anything delivered quickly we will deliver it the next day if you order by Noon the day before.


Finally, I am always conscious that lockdown is hard for many but I am hugely lucky as I have four loons and Charlie to go home to.  Some of my crew, like a good few other folk, are doing it on their own which is clearly much harder.  Tyna had her birthday this week and so it was fab to be able to give her a bit of Birthday good cheer within our socially distanced work bubble yesterday once we had finished work.  Little Steph made her mothers famous apple cake which Tyna loves and Big Steph managed to nearly blow it up and kill Amber as having put the sparkler flares into it (upside down) was slightly surprised when they went off so aggressively.  It turns out it is what happens if you light the wrong end?!


I hope you have a restful Sunday and remember never stand near Steph when she is approaching a birthday cake with matches and never tell your eldest daughter where you keep your hearing aid batteries as best laid plans are likely to go awry if you do either!


My very, very best regards,