A whistling kettle!

Good Morning, from a somewhat calmer Somerset than we have had for the last 48 hours!  The wind has been fairly whistling “through every nook and every cranny” which has caused to my ears the odd bit of confusion.  As you may be aware we are currently residing in a lovely furnished cottage for a month before moving to what we hope will be our forever house in September.  It’s brilliantly kitted out including that wonderful and rare thing of a whistling Kettle.  We had one when I was little, a million years ago.  Anyway, when the wind was at its wildest I was constantly dashing to take the kettle off the hob only to find it was cold and not responsible!  My children and wife are slightly less enamoured with it as yesterday when making the early morning brew for everyone I had a call of nature and then started to read the cartoon picture on the wall.  I obviously got rather too involved as by the time I switched back to consciousness it sounded like there was someone being murdered in the kitchen.  Before I could react it went silent and when I emerged from the downstairs convenience I was greeted by three very cross looking, very bleary eyed ladies one being my wife and the other two my daughters who suggested they were awake a tiny bit prematurely due to me being a halfwit!  As ever I had no defence and my suggestion of “I didn’t know it could make that much noise did you?” didn’t seem to pacify them or interest them in the slightest!


Anyway it is the middle of the week again and we have a bank holiday weekend upon us.  So if you have any family feasting or long weekend socialising planned you only have until noon tomorrow to place your orders to ensure you get what you need for the weekend.

Also remember that until the end of the week it is free delivery on everything whenever you would like it delivered.  So if it’s for this weekend or indeed a birthday gift in October if you place your order before close of play next Monday you won’t be charged for delivery!


We also have our whole sliced sides of salmon still on offer at £35 delivered and are into the last week of our August Box which is also delivered for just £35.


I hope the week is going well for you and remember not everyone enjoys the nostalgia of a whistling kettle as much as you may think!


My very best regards,