Aunty Molly, Tik Tok & July!

I write to you this morning from a West Country which is a good bit fuller than it was 48 hours ago! Having headed North on the delightful public highway the A303 for a short while yesterday morning the net worth alone of stationary caravans, surf boards, bicycles and roof boxes would I suspect go a good way towards clearing off the current deficit being looked at in Whitehall.  It would also appear that as in all other things we have now joined the folk on the other side of the pond in yet another of their celebrations by going mad on the ‘4th of July’.  The times are most certainly changing and with every sinew crossed and all single magpies ignored our lives appear to be allowed to gently start again, which in the end is simply the very best news.

Certainly here in our household it has brought about some changes, the most significant being that Aunt Molly (my sister in law) who has had to totally shield throughout, decided she could not survive any longer without hugs from the four loons.  She discovered, and purchased, something which for obvious reasons has been christened her “banana suit” which when she is fully enclosed in it enables her to hug and squeeze them all to her hearts content.  I missed its first outing but am assured by Mrs P and my mother in law that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (garden).  I asked Stan this morning what his views were on it to which he replied that it was very funny, but I won’t do it again as she didn’t smell very nice!  I attach a picture.


The JULY BOX seems to have caught everyone’s attention and I was delighted to find myself packing them as fast as I possibly could for despatch on Thursday afternoon.  I think we can safely say that, unlike my good self when wandering about on a cricket field, this is a really good all-rounder.  If you missed its first mention on Wednesday here it is again: –



200g cold smoked salmon

1 x whole smoked duck breast

2 x hot smoked trout fillets

100g x smoked cashews and almonds

200g sliced baked ham

100g smoked mackerel Pate

All delivered to any door of your choosing for £35


Everything can be ordered on the website or over the phone Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm on 01458 250875

Finally, I thought I would share an ordeal with you that Charlie (my wife) and I had to endure a week or so ago.  In this world there is something called ‘TIK TOK’ I am assured that most of the developed world is entirely au fait with it and knows exactly what it is.  I did, and still do strongly dispute this, but as history has since related it would certainly appear that sadly there are rather a significant number of folk who do indeed know what it is and how to use it!  For those of you that don’t it is basically a method of taking some poor bewildered, probably over tired and definitely naive parents, dressing them up, taking them into their garden and asking them to strike odd poses and stand in strange places whilst continually nodding their heads and then filming them doing it.  I know, I know the questions of “why on earth would you?” and “do you have any control over your children?” followed quickly by “how much do you drink?” are all incredibly valid and all I will say in our defence is simply that a very strictly observed lockdown, two daughters who appear to be nearly as scary as their mother and possibly too many glasses of something delicious over Sunday lunch appeared to have been enough to make us yield.


The end result was something no one can possibly imagine but most horrifyingly of all a good many folk don’t have to as the three oldest sent it to their classmates and their form tutors as an example of ‘something creative’ they did over the weekend.  Social services have not come calling yet but I fear it is only a matter of time. I’m afraid a picture is attached.


I hope you have a wonderful gently eased lockdown week and remember if anyone of the younger generation walks towards you with a smoking jacket and a Viking helmet under one arm and an iPad under the other, run and hide!

My very, very best regards to you.