Drinking lego & Test match delayed!

As I dragged myself from my bed this morning, I say my bed when actually it was Stanley’s bed. He is still of the firm opinion that from any time after midnight wandering in to our room and putting his face as close to mine as possible until I wake, see him through one bleary eye no less than an inch from my face, leap at least a foot in the air and desperately try not to wake his mother on landing, that actually my bed is his and vice versa! Anyway, I digress as I looked out of the window to see a good deal of soft refreshing rain, I remembered that of course it was raining there is meant to be a Test Match starting today against the West Indies! So, what I thought would be a glorious day of packing orders, making pate and listening to Test Match Special will now be much the same tasks but with the dreaded Radio One blaring in the background instead! When one feels so grumpy about such disappointments, I fear one must really be getting a tad old!?

However, it also means that it is Wednesday and that in order to make sure you get anything you need for your gastronomic plans in time for the weekend you only have 24 hours left to place your order to ensure you do.

The JULY BOX has astounded us with its popularity (hence I’m making mackerel pate for a good part of the day). It has smoked salmon, whole duck breast, trout fillets, sliced ham, smoked nuts and mackerel pate all wrapped packed and delivered for £35.

Alternatively, if you are thinking BBQ, we have buckets of goose and plum sausages, salmon steaks, smoked Halloumi, pork belly or smoked mackerel which all are all perfect for it. 

As long as you order by midday tomorrow you can have as much or as little as you like delivered in time for any weekend feasting you may have planned.

Have a lovely day and remember never assume that the cup next to your five-year olds bed is water … a mouthful of Lego people and coins is not good at 2am!

My very best regards,