Geography homework, polar bears & teeth!

Good Morning from Pattisson Towers where to my right Nancy is wrestling with a particularly arduous piece of geography homework and to my left Mrs P is filling us in on what our illustrious leaders are apparently going to inflict on us next – 48 hours before they condescend to have the good manners to tell us to our faces!  I do my best to keep my powder dry on such things but that favoured methodology of communication really has begun to irritate almost as much as not understanding my geography homework!


Anyway, its been a very, very hectic week at the Smoke with a huge amount of deliveries from fish to bacon to packaging.  The size of the crew has swelled again with Jack joining us this week.  I did inform him that he might be a little weary and stiff come the end of his first week as there was a massive amount of lifting to do.  Quite rightly he looked at me and said he was quite fit and he would be ok.  However when we had our Friday bottle of beer before sending the crew home he did admit to me that he was a little bit broken and would probably sleep all weekend.  Luckily he also was good enough to tell me he had loved it which is always a relief.  We are suddenly a crew of 12 with more starting next week the pressure is ratcheting up but the mood is great and it’s with a good bit of excitement that we enter the busiest four weeks of the year.


The orders have been coming in at quite a pace both for delivery in the next few days but also of course for lovely gifts of food for folk for Christmas.  Amber, Steph and Charlotte in the office are almost consultant-like in their roles of taking orders and giving their asked for opinions on what best to have on Christmas menus.  The November Box has only one more week to run and has been one of the most popular boxes of the year delivered to your door for £35.  Looking at the calendar it also means that we only have one week left of our 10% off all orders (monthly boxes not included) so if you know you have orders you want to place, and gifts you would like to give, then get them placed before Midnight next Monday or you will have missed your 10% discount.


One of the weirdest things about our busiest time of year is that one tends to leave the house before anyone is awake and return after the boys at least are asleep.  So it was with a gasp of horror that when Stan clambered into bed between his Mother and I this morning gave me a hug and a huge grin it appeared as if he had had nearly all his teeth removed.  As his very overworked tooth Fairy, by the name of Teddy, suggests Stan will probably have to live off “Milkshakes and Ice cream” for the foreseeable!  He has significantly more gum than tooth at present as you can see.  I have checked with Mrs P that he has not gone in for bare knuckle fighting as a career or that he is earning money by eating bricks for a dare at school and she assures me he isn’t.  He has however taken up fighting polar bears with a wand which he apparently borrowed from Harry Potter.  We have, as I have previously mentioned, got two very large chillers stood in the car park at present and they have pictures of polar bears on the outside.  Somehow we managed to convince Stan that we had live bears inside and we were going to start smoking them as a new line?!  He clearly believed us and then got himself set to “take them down” as I opened the door.  Luckily he was true to his word and we all lived to fight another day!


I must away as Nancy is about to rip up every map in the house as an act of defiance against all geography teachers and Stan is now demanding ice cream at 10am as “Teddy my tooth fairy said I could”!  It could be a long day ahead…


I hope your day is more relaxing.


My very, very best regards,