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June box, mother in laws & nail painting!

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Good morning, it is just after 7am and I am sat at my desk looking across the fields to the hills in the distance.  I think the best way to describe them this morning would be Tolkienesque.  The greens are dark, the sky is blue grey, it’s a tiny bit misty and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a Hobbit, two dwarves and an elf suddenly appeared!  I am this morning under quite a lot of pressure as we have a lot of salmon in the cold smokers which needs looking after I have to get Bertie to a cricket match 40 minutes away by 9.00am and we have Mrs Ps parents – Paul and Biddy coming for lunch at 12.30pm!  It could be a tad awkward to start with upon their arrival as when I returned from work yesterday evening I found the kitchen table full of what can only be described as tat! Bertie had what the loons call a ‘Granny Day’ yesterday which they all adore and it was his turn.  However it appears Biddy thought it would be highly amusing to pop into a charity shop with him and let him go mad.  I have never seen quite so much plastic rubbish and broken cameras in one place and to top it all it would appear that most of it requires batteries and will undoubtedly make horrendous noises when they have them!   I have no idea what the lunchtime seating plan will be (Nancy’s responsibility) but if I am next to my darling Mother in law things might be a tad frosty!


It is the last day today for our special offers on our Whole Baked Ham and Sliced Side of Smoked Salmon until midnight tonight they are £35 delivered so if you think you might like one in the near or indeed distant future then order them today and you will get a significant saving.  We are also in the first week of June and that of course means its time for us to launch our JUNE BOX we have tried to provide a mix of all things useful for alfresco eating and BBQs and introduce you to our vertical cut smoked salmon. It’s a very different cut to the usual very thinly sliced salmon we offer and I think its fab.



150g Smoked Salmon

4 x Pork and Cider Sausages

100g Cold Smoked Trout

5 slices of Air Cured Parma Type Ham

2 Hot Smoked Salmon Steaks

1x block of Smoked Halloumi Cheese


All delivered to a door of your choosing for just £35


Finally, before I go and deal with the salmon smokers I thought you might enjoy something rather more than I did last night.  Edie (12) was sat opposite me as we had our supper and I suddenly noticed the most violent attack on my optical senses.  She appeared to have luminous pink paint at the end of her fingers?  On not even close inspection it was clear that she had not only painted her nails but that her choice of colour was quite a long way from her fathers liking.  Not being in the finest mood on account of her brothers previously mentioned charity shop haul I pointed out in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t happy and “what did she think she looked like”.  I may possibly have said something along the lines of “getting that muck off her fingers and she had better not have  spilt it anywhere”.  Her Mother whom I looked to for support at this moment appeared to be having some sort of seizure as tears were streaming down her face and a noise in line with hysterical laughter was all she could make?!   Edith’s defence was that it was her friend Emma’s fault as they had done it at her house I said something along the lines of I doubt her folks were too pleased to which she admitted that Emma had only done her toes for that very reason!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Emma has always struck me as jolly bright and sensible girl!


I must away but hope you have a lovely Sunday maybe a tad lazier than mine.


My very, very best regards,



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