Midweek ramble –

Good morning from a slightly darker damper Somerset. Luckily the trout I have just taken out from the smoker having been hard at it since “sparrows fart” (my darling dads phrase I’m afraid) this morning are looking anything but dark and damp so all is well with the world on that basis. One of the things that I like to cling too when all around us are orders and rules and mayhem is that there will always be some things that never change.

Having rung my much loved Mum very early this morning when she and dad were still in bed clasping their essential mugs of very strong tea she proved that point again. Having established what their views were on our illustrious leaders I asked if anything else was afoot. At this moment she removed her Mother hat and replaced it with her biggest Church Warden bonnet. She then launched into a tale of weddings and wedding flowers on Saturday, followed by ‘Harvest festival ‘ on Sunday and how having been promised by all the main players of the nuptials that they would leave their wedding flowers for the week of Harvest festival she had been delighted as all she had to do was rely on Neil the local farmer to produce seven magnificent pumpkins. Of course what happened was on Saturday night when dad went to lock the church the flowers had gone and all that remained were the fortunately, magnificent pumpkins! It’s a dangerous hobby crossing my mother but to do it and involve church flowers and leaving their beloved church (it really is the most wonderful place) bare for harvest festival is approaching the realms of a death wish!

We are still busy here and have Sausage Boxes £20 delivered. September Boxes £35 delivered and whole sides of hot smoked salmon £32 delivered on offer for you as well as all our other delicious offerings. You only have 24 hours left to order in time for us to deliver to you for your weekend feasting.

I hope you have a good rest of week and remember the world really does keep turning and things that matter like church flowers and harvest festivals will still be done. As will calling up ones folks early in the morning to hear what’s going on beyond the madness.

My very best regards to you all,