Nancy’s first day & Sunday ramble

Hello from a gloriously Autumnal Sunny Sunday in Somerset.  I write to you this morning in slight discomfort entirely self-inflicted, and brought about by significant over indulgence!  Before you jump to the obvious, and not entirely unfair conclusion, that the demon drink is involved you are wrong it is actually entirely the fault of Stanley (5).  At about 5.30am yesterday morning Stan having kicked his mother enough to ensure that however hard she kept pretending “I know you are awake” he announced that “whatever full English is that’s what I want for breakfast”.  Having by now regained the ability to speak, if not open my eyes, I suggested that if he tried to go back to sleep I promised to make him a full English on Sunday morning.  This was not an entirely successful deal as he would not try until he knew exactly what would be on his plate.  By the time I had finished listing this all three of us decided that we were now famished and how long was it before breakfast.  It was alas only 6am.  So this morning true to my word we had an enormous cooked breakfast consisting of everything including the deadliest of them all – fried bread which I genuinely don’t think I have made since I was a student, and like all really bad things for you it was utterly delicious!  However the meal did not pass off without incident.  I am, and have always been, a Tomato man (not tinned).  My wife and it would appear all my children are supporters of the baked bean.  I consider those to be wrong on every level and an insult to the breakfast plate, they apparently feel the same about black pudding so after much posturing and a good deal of “Don’t be an arse Daddy” everyone eventually got the plate they required and now as a result I can barely move!


This ridiculously gluttonous start to the day also ensured that I tasted a lot of different bits from our own shelves which I raided after we closed last night.  Two different types of sausage, Pork and Parsnip and Pork and Cider, smoked streaky bacon and black pudding all of which were really delicious and definitely worth a reminder from me to you that they are all available on line at As are our September Box which contains

Smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, trout fillets, whole smoked duck breast, and whole cider cured pork tenderloin. All delivered for a price of £35. It is also the last few days that our whole side of hot smoked salmon is available for £32 delivered and what has proved to be our immensely popular ‘Sausage Box’ which contains three different varieties of sausage for just £20 delivered.

You can of course order what ever takes your fancy by calling Amber in the office tomorrow on 01458 250875.


The other big news to share with you is that yesterday we officially became a real family business as of 9am yesterday morning Nancy (14) joined the Brown and Forrest payroll to work in the shop every other Saturday.  I can’t pretend that this has ever been some deep rooted ambition of mine but it is quite a lovely feeling and of course finding young folk who will happily work for £1.00 an hour seems to be getting harder and harder!?  As I told her it’s what I started on and the more she sold the more she would earn.  I know some folk will think that almost 100% commission based pay for a 14 year old is unfair and probably illegal, but we will soon find out if she can sell or not!  It has made me think of my first job, which having refused to work in my folks restaurant in Lewes (East Sussex) was told that that was fine but I’d better go and get a job somewhere as cricket bats, rugby balls, trainers, tennis racquets and of course reverse charged phone calls from the golf club requesting collection did not, somewhat surprisingly to me at the time, grow on trees and all would quickly dry up if I did not start to contribute to their existence!  My response was to get a job at my favourite place of them all John Edwards sport shop on cliff high street in Lewes.  I loved it and John being a total sport fanatic always let me work half days in the summer to play cricket in the afternoons.  He was a great teacher too and taught me so much about selling and service and the importance of trust and professional integrity.  He was also jolly good at making you realise that should you ever turn up on a Saturday morning with a hangover it might be the last thing you ever did!  Having played second row at a very high level of rugby football with cauliflower ears and a ridged forehead to match his 6ft 4” stature I can confirm that it jolly nearly was!

Enough of my inane drivel.  I hope you have a very restful Sunday and remember, if a 14 year old tries to sell you something in a shop on a Saturday think twice before declining as it may be the difference between wages or no wages!

My very best regards,