New August box & Sunday ramlbes

Good afternoon from my kitchen table where to my right Nancy informs me she is doing some planning for her novel?! It’s book three in a series of eight! If, as we are assuredly taught everything is down to genetics then I can only draw the conclusion that I probably ought to be a tiny bit concerned about her parentage as at 14 I could barely write my name, and if anyone suggested I did anything that involved a book I turned a whiter shade of pale and ran. That attitude certainly had a hand in my impressive GCSE results which when read aloud sounded like an ancient Indian Dialect UUGDUEB, before anyone asks the triumphant B was in Drama!

It’s been a lovely week at the Smoke if a little warm next to the hot smoker. The crew have been in good order other than their constant winging that they are a good deal more smoked than when Tim is at the helm and it’s not me smoking all week. As I have already mentioned a number of times this week it is simply a very unusual wind direction but it falls on deaf ears. By way of a peace offering I sponsored a Cider and Pizza outing for them to Ambers local on Thursday night which gave me much merriment nearly all day on Friday as the heat got more and more oppressive and I talked louder and louder as I watched them yawn a lot and physically wince at any sudden head movements that were necessary.

Possibly the most shocking thing to happen this week is that unlike at the start of it the end of it is August! That means two things, firstly we move house really rather soon and secondly that it’s time to introduce our new box and offers for this month.

The AUGUST BOX contains: –

200g cold smoked salmon

2 x hot smoked salmon steaks

100g trout pate

1 x hot smoked chicken breast

200g streaky bacon

4 x pork and parsnip sausages

All delivered to any door of your choosing for £35 which is a saving of jolly nearly £15As it’s the month of so much summer feasting and congregating I have also decided to put our ever-popular whole side of sliced cold smoked salmon on offer all month at £35 delivered which is a saving of £10.

I hopee you enjoy them and remember you don’t have to have them delivered right now in order to get the benefit of the offers. You can have them at any date in the future of your choosing (as long as it’s a Tues – Fri) so if you want one in October no problem at all you just have to order it this month to get the benefit.

After a busy morning at work yesterday I managed to escape for a couple of hours for a lovely family lunch with Charlie’s family in Muchelney. We were celebrating the 6th birthday of Wilf, Charlie’s nephew and the Loons cousin. It was great fun with a delicious lunch in the garden and culminating with that bizarre phenomena of everyone deciding that they are in fact a world leader in the field of lighting birthday cake candles with a match in a slight breeze and that everyone else is clearly a halfwit. Slowly the box of matches passes from failed expert to failed expert before everyone agrees to just light the sparkler in the middle and to sing Happy Birthday very quickly before it too goes out. The other great excitement was that Molly, Charlie’s youngest sister and my goddaughter (she is very young and we have been together a long time) donned her extraordinary ‘Banana suit’ which allowed me to give her a hug for the first time since early March which was lovely. The only downside being that as a wearer of hearing aids the noise resembled what can only be described as getting trapped under a duvet made of crisp packets! It was a great family gathering which could have ended in a Godiva like fashion had my fabulous sister-in-law Tambo accepted my challenge. She enquired, a tiny bit forlornly, what she had to do to make it into a Sunday Ramblings.  I simply replied that anything drastic would do like dancing round the garden naked singing opera? In true Meatloaf style she said “I’ll do anything but I won’t do that!” As a few know I’ve always been a tiny bit scared of her so have decided that being the coolest of aunts, who the loons adore is probably enough to get a mention!

I hope you enjoy the new offers and feast well on them.

And remember a ‘B’ in Drama is never to be underestimated!

My very best regards,

Jess 01458 250875