Olive’s birthday, new February & Supper boxes and a four tin gin!

Good Morning, I hope this finds you in fine fettle and hopefully in the midst of a restful Sunday.


Here at Pattisson Towers we are in celebratory mood for not one but two reasons!  The first is what one might call a traditional reason and that is that Olive (the lurcher with too much Labrador in her) is celebrating her 3rd birthday.

Apparently, according to dog years, that makes her 21?  She has been presented with her present which to my delight is bright green and appears to squeak every time she touches it.  As a dog who has never really gone in for chews and toys I was quite surprised when in the last two hours it has not left her jaws.  Having commented on this to Mrs P there followed a slightly awkward silence and then as she beat what can only be described a jolly hasty retreat mentioned in the most ridiculously matter of fact tone I have ever heard that the said bright green toy may have been laced with a significant amount of peanut butter!  Now, you may sit there thinking that that is a lovely thing to have done but without going into too much detail Olive has a huge charge sheet of foodstuffs that she has eaten which have later done their best to turn her inside out.  The inevitable deep clean will I know be left to me and the ultimate insult is the passion with which I hate the smell of peanut butter.  To say I am sitting here on tender hooks would be a significant understatement!  The other reason for celebration is I’m afraid a good bit more shameful and I will share it with you later.


It has been the most wonderful week at The Smokery with I hope most of you receiving a postcard from us introducing you to our new February Box.  The response so far has been marvellous with so many of you taking the trouble to order them but also let us know how delighted the recipients have been.  In the postcard I also mentioned that we would be offering a SUPPER FOR TWO BOX and so many have rung asking what is in it and when will it be available to order.   As of now it is available to order on the website www.brownandforrest.co.uk in the hamper and gifts section at the bottom of the page, alternatively you can of course call Amber and I in the office tomorrow from 9am on 01458 250875.




150g of cutlet cut smoked salmon – a delicious thick cut slice of smoked salmon which gives the whole depth of the fish and its flavour.

500g  Loaf of Organic Rye bread.  This is dense and delicious with a tiny hint of black treacle sweetness to it.


2 8oz Rump steaks.   From our amazing butcher Clinton Bonner.

150g of long Clawson stilton.  This of course can be used as a pudding but we have included Amber’s Stilton sauce recipe that she makes to accompany her steaks and it is delicious.

2 small bottles of wine – 1 Malbec and 1 Sauvignon Blanc or a mix of your choosing.


2 portions of our very own Syrup Bread and Butter pudding.  When we still had our lovely restaurant this was  what we were almost famous for.


Hopefully you like the idea of this offering.  It will all be delivered to any door of your choosing for £50 (that includes delivery).  This week we will only have 50 available so if you would like one it might be wise to order early.


Finally, I must return to the second reason of celebration in this house very early this morning . Put simply it was the utter relief I felt when it became apparent that Mrs P was indeed still breathing and in the land of the living.  I shall explain.

After what had felt like a jolly long week and indeed day yesterday as is customary I offered Charlie a liquid libation of her choice.  After much deliberation she decided on a Gin & Tonic.  I set to work crushing ice,  slicing and squeezing lemon and fetching the a new bottle of Gin that we had been given for Christmas.  I did my usual mixes and five minutes later handed the drink to my wife with the usual words of “tell me if it’s a bit too Pattisson” (this simply refers to my fathers reputation of making very strong Gins).  It looked delicious, and she took a good healthy slug.  What happened next I simply hope won’t scar my two eldest children for life.  There was a sort of moan, a splutter, an unlady like curse and a scream of “try that!”. I did as I was bid and thankfully after 30 seconds my sight returned.  I had done my usual mix but thought I had clearly made a mistake.  I added another tin of tonic and I’m sad to say the reaction was exactly the same. Three tins of tonic later and with the contents tipped into a pint glass it was deemed drinkable.  On closer inspection it appeared the  volume of the gifted Gin was somewhere in the region of 70%!  Mrs P has I think at last agreed it was an innocent mistake and that I was not after her life assurance and we have a new Pattisson drink in our repertoire which will now forever be know as ‘The Four Tin Gin’!


I hope the rest of your day is a good one. I must away as Olive is already beginning took distinctly green around the gills!?


My very, very best regards,