Ramble & a limerick this week!

Good morning from deepest Somerset where the silage has been cut everywhere we look and the smell is simply glorious.

I won’t pretend that everything is glorious mainly due to my two daughters Nancy and Edith who insisted that the best way for me to “chillax” when I got home from The Smokery yesterday evening was to give me a glass of something delicious and chilled and usher me into my favourite chair. They of course were absolutely right and for five minutes it was a total joy. However, they then announced that their chosen viewing was the Eurovision Song Contest! I confess I spilt a little of my wine at the speed I sat up but then took great pleasure and relief in telling them that it was cancelled this year. The smugness of their smiles and the evil in their eyes should have told me that all was lost. The replacement programme that the mad, mad makers of Eurovision created instead of the real thing was possibly two hours of the most appalling and arduous viewing I have ever seen. I am told it is a music programme and I can honestly say that of all the thousands of notes that were sung, wailed and screamed at me not a single one was anything but flat!! My mood is a tiny bit improved but not much!!

I’m not convinced it is likely to improve much today either as I have been ordered to be home by 2.30pm at the latest, as the Pattisson side of the family – my folks, sisters, nephews and nieces are to hold a poetry competition! One we were all given three weeks to write a masterpiece for and today is performance and judgement day with a little help from the dreaded ZOOM communication system! I have to admit to having reverted to the tried and tested methodology that I applied throughout my academic career, namely leave it until the day before it has to be handed in!! For inspiration I reached out not to Tennyson or Byron but instead to greatest of them all Spike Milligan and his favoured form of prose the Limerick!! After about 10 mins thought whilst making vats of salmon pate (delicious by the way) this is what I came up with and is my entry

The Virus called Covid descended.
The world was entirely up-ended,
No Pubs, no sport and nobody taught.
Even Boris succumbed,
but he mended.

I like to think Spike would be proud and if it doesn’t win it’s a travesty!!
We have been hugely busy again this week and the May and Asparagus boxes are proving so popular with many of you saying such lovely things about how you and your friends have been enjoying them.
They are both available until the end of May along with all our products which you can order online at www.brownandforrest.co.uk or call Amber in the office from 9am tomorrow morning on 01458 250875.

Finally, a little news from the homestead where Bertie has been immersing himself in all things Boudicca and her neighbourly dispute with the Romans a while back. Stan has latched onto this and as in all things felt the strong and brotherly need to take the part of the leading Celt protagonist?! He is an actor of the method variety and when he takes a part on has to apply it to all parts of his life be it dog walking or indeed table manners, to watch him eating a chicken leg at the Sunday roast with not a knife or fork in sight is a truly shaming experience as a parent and makes me never more grateful for lockdown! We didn’t really have the heart to tell him that the one major error in his characterisation and historical accuracy was that Celts were unlikely to have carried light sabres! A photo of ‘Stan the Celt’ is attached.

I hope you have a restful Sunday and remember if anyone offers you a petition calling for the immediate banning of Eurovision, please, please sign it!

My very best regards,