Sunday ramble – caps, Easter orders & thank you!

Good Morning from a jolly blustery Smokery.  I write to you this morning through the pain of a significant head injury.  As with most injuries that I pick up there is a direct connection with one of the ‘loons’ in this instance it is Stan(6) who, as is his way at present, decided that he and I ought to swap beds at somewhere just North of midnight.  The crucial part of this exercise is to not wake his mother up as a whole world of misery lies down that road.  Having accomplished this and squeezed myself onto his bed and then removed the obligatory four books, one Rainbow Barbie doll, a cricket bat and finally a wand which were all attacking different bits of my anatomy I settled down back to sleep.  It was upon waking that I was dealt the near fatal blows. As is my way I threw my covers back and leapt like a salmon from the bed.  The blows came almost instantly one after another the first on the top of my head and the second just above my eye as I recoiled from the first and I was rendered blind and practically unconscious.  As with all really deep sleep one forgets where one is and in this case I had forgotten that Stan sleeps on a bottom bunk!  After some appalling language and having resisted killing Bertie who was sat on the top bunk genuinely crying with laughter I retreated to make the morning tea for Mrs P.  I am as a result not in the best of moods as the sympathy has been non existent and the inability of anyone to stop laughing is just too much!


I also have a great deal to do here today as with only three days to send all the orders for next Sundays Easter feastings I have duck to slice, sausages to roast, salmon to cure and pate to make!  The orders have been coming in thick and fast although it does appear that folk are genuinely horror struck when the penny finally drops that it really really is Easter a week today and that Wednesday is the last day that we can send anything in order to ensure it arrives with you and your friends in time for Easter.  We are still taking orders and have pretty much most things still available.  The only day available for delivery now is Thursday the 1st  so if you would like to send a gift to anyone or need some goodies for your own Easter weekend menus you really need to get them ordered in the next 24 hours!  Either online at or call the office from 9am tomorrow morning and speak to Amber or Steph on 01458 250875.


Finally, as many of you may have gathered by now I can be a creature that gets rather odd bees my bonnet about certain subjects and have been known to become a tad entrenched about such things?!  One such thing has been a long established one and it Is that of branded clothing of any kind I simply cannot bear.  I have resisted the crew’s almost constant pleas for polo shirts, caps, sweatshirts and the latest request heated gilets with Brown & Forrest emblazoned across them.  It now appears that Tim and Will decided to take the law into their own hands and unbeknownst to me or anyone set about disobeying me and on Wednesday this week presented me with two personalised Brown & Forrest Caps one of Grey and one of Pink (my go to colour).  Try as I might I could not stop my face betraying how utterly delighted I was with them.  The grey one is now my work one and the very special pink one will be my golf hat when I am allowed to swing a club again!  I fear having “given in and been proved wrong” in their minds it won’t be long before we are branded from our wellies to our pants via of course a heated gilet!


I must away as I have been told that being home before 6pm this evening is a pre requisite to remaining happily married?  I also thought I would just mention that today marks a year since I wrote my very first ramble, it is quite simply beyond comprehension what has happened in that year not just to Mrs P ‘The Loons’ and I but to all of us.  What started as a way of trying to cheer myself up as impending doom looked to be going to strike down our tiny business somehow became a vital part of its salvation.  So, I would like to simply say THANK YOU to you for reading, and it would appear occasionally enjoying, my mad missives and of course the odd morsel of our food.  There is simply no doubt that we are still here because you did and do.


My very, very best regards,