Sunday ramble – cricket, rugby & new March box

Greetings from what is the most glorious morning here in Somerset. I hope you are blessed with the same deep blue sky and a bit of genuinely warm sun on your back.

It is much much needed here after a fitful night wrestling with my anxieties that were brought to a crescendo late yesterday afternoon. Calm, warmth and the odd primrose have at least returned some form of equilibrium to my troubled soul!? I shall explain. Those who know me will know that of all things I can not bear it is the stereotyping of people and the inevitable judging that follows once one has pigeon holed great swathes of people into said ‘type’. It started with the odd moan from me to Bertie, and anyone else who would listen, about the odd dubious decision of the cricket umpires in India. Next came the slightly more vociferous exclamations about the “appalling quality” of the pitch that made batting in India a “total lottery” and “made a mockery of Test Cricket”. Finally, it ended late yesterday afternoon during the Rugby international between Wales and England, when screams of “That referee must have Welsh Grandparents” and “even Stan can see that’s a knock on, and that’s without a replay”. All this has led to an utterly ashamed realisation that not only have I become one of the worst nationalistic stereotypes of them all, I have also become the thing that I have been sending my children to their bedrooms for since they were born. These are a ‘The Whinging Pom’ and it would appear to my utter shame ‘A Bad Loser’. Hopefully by admitting these deplorable character flaws out loud my journey to redemption has begun?! The final straw, and what has proven to be an economical disaster, is the introduction of a swear box three days ago. According to Stan “if Daddy keeps this up we are going to need a bigger box!”.

But the sun is out and to my delight it is March tomorrow! This most importantly means that our new March Box is now available it contains the following: –

200g Cold smoked salmon
4 x Pork and cider sausages
2 x Smoked mackerel fillets
1 x Hot smoked whole duck breast
2 x Hot smoked trout fillets
All delivered to any door of your choosing for just £35

Finally don’t forget that midnight tonight is the last chance to order the February Box £35 delivered and our whole sides of salmon offers
1 x 1kg whole sliced side of salmon £35 delivered
1 x 1kg unsliced side smoked salmon £32 delivered
These offers will be gone by tomorrow morning and will revert to their usual prices of £45 and £42 delivered respectively.

Finally, I must away as with such glorious weather comes a significant list of garden jobs, family games of cricket and netball which must all be completed before sunset! I will leave you with this thought to ponder on. On Thursday it is ‘World Book Day’ and at home the Loons are all under instructions to, as is tradition, dress as a character from any book they like. Edith has announced that she will be dressing up at something called Tunip from a book called Octonauts. This may sound fine however Octonauts is aimed at 2-6 year olds and Edie is nearly 12?! It also turns out that ‘Tunip’ is a cross between a carrot, a leek and a turnip. I almost despair – could someone please tell me what is wrong with a simple Anne of Green Gables or a Hermione Granger? Obviously I will keep you informed on what a thrice crossed vegetable 11 year old girl ends up looking like!

Have a wonderful Sunday and remember a swear box is a terrible idea under any circumstances BUT with four children and a wife all in possession of bat-like ears it is the road to financial ruin!

My very, very best regards,

Jess 01458 250875