Sunday ramble – end of November

Good morning , I hope you are in fine fettle and that you have a good day ahead.  Once I have emptied the cold smokers and got back to Pattisson Towers for lunch I have promised Stan that we will play all the games and do all the jigsaws he was lucky enough to receive for his birthday which was on Thursday and saw him “become a man” apparently at the ripe old age of 6?!  I have also promised to set up a race track for his remote control cars which he received from his godmother and his godfather (never has a boy been so spoilt!).  His eldest sister Nancy is fast becoming the grumpiest person in Christendom as she tuts, sighs, glares and complains bitterly with the smallest mouth imaginable about the noise the cars make on the wooden floor!  On that basis alone it’s going to be a huge figure of 8 track that utilises every bit of wooden floor available!

It has been a wonderfully busy week here at The Smoke as we enter into the last 24 hours of our 10% off all orders (excluding the monthly boxes) you will receive 10% off any order you place before midnight tomorrow for delivery whenever you like before Christmas or even into the new Year.  After close of play on Monday all products will revert back to their usual price with no exceptions!  So don’t miss out.  You can order online at or call Amber, Steph, Charlotte and Jess in the office all day and most of the night tomorrow on 01458 250875

As the pressure builds here so the techniques used by the crew to keep calm and carry on become more varied and dare one say more odd.  On the whole most of the team resort to significantly increased sugar intake via Jelly babies, fruit Pastels, chocolate orange, red bull (in Amber’s case) and tangerines in mine (my body is a temple).  However I didnt know whether to call for medical assistance for Young Steph or just join her when I discovered her sat in the lotus position on the trolley as it rolled slowly across the car park on Friday afternoon!  I know I ask a lot of my team but even I wondered if I had simply pushed them too far when I discovered this.  Obviously before expressing my concern I took a photo to share with you today !

I must away as our newly six year old son has already insisted his mother text me three times and demand to know where I am as apparently according to him I am “already late and so unreliable”.  In all honesty I think it is best he discovers as early as possible the truth about me as it will surely soften the constant blows of disappointment in later life if he does!

I hope you have a restful Sunday and remember yoga positions on a moving trolley across a car park with a significant slope in it is likely to have a painful end!

Don’t forget to order in time for your 10% off by tomorrow night.

My very, very best regards