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Sunday ramble – new website!

Good morning from a jolly autumnal and jolly lovely Somerset!  It’s been quite an exhausting but very exciting week here at The Smokery with the new website finally going live and then having television cameras, and apparently famous people, spending four hours filming Tim and Will in The Smokery as they taught someone we are not allowed to name, how to fillet and hot smoke a trout! They filmed late into the evening whilst Seb and I ran around making coffees and mopping their brows whilst Tim and Will became prima-donnas before our very eyes!  They were brilliant as were the folk that were making the programme which will be aired on Channel 4 in January and I promise to tell you when and what it is when I’m allowed to!

The most fantastic news is that our brand new website is now live and here for you to use and hopefully enjoy.  We have already had some amazing feed back which makes what I have to be honest and say has been months and months of hard work brilliantly worthwhile.  I am hugely proud of what we have achieved and how hard Amber and Tim have worked alongside our friends at Stable Design to make it feel, look and work at it does.  I’m sure there will be a few little snags and hiccups as it settles in but here it is and I hope you love it.


To celebrate this beautiful new site I have decided to give you FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS FROM NOW UNTIL NEXT SUNDAY.  So anything you order for whenever you would like it delivered – be that this week, half term holidays in October or indeed the week before Christmas as long as you order before end of play next Sunday the 3rd of October delivery will be FREE.  This will definitely be the last free delivery offer until next year so if you are one of life’s organised folk this is the week to order your Christmas food requirements and presents and have it all delivered for free.

At Pattisson Towers it has been a relatively calm week with the Loons all safely back into the school groove and not too much blood on the carpet it would appear.  Nancy was mightily relieved to receive a nice note from her history teacher informing her of how well she was doing.  I probably need to explain that her relief was not as you might expect due to her apparently knowing the difference between Sir Thomas Cromwell and Sir Thomas More but actually due to her totally unfounded neurosis that her father had somehow destroyed her chances of ever getting a History GCSE!  All that happened was that early in the Summer holidays I found myself possibly approaching a state that might by some be described as ‘three sheets to the wind’ having spent the day playing golf in a charity day and I may inadvertently have been staring all day at someone I thought I recognised.  Eventually as the evening was drawing to a close I grasped the nettle and lurched across the room to enquire who he was and why I thought I knew him.  All then became clear and I may have launched into a speech about what it was to have amazing teachers like him and how much Nancy loved him and that I loved him too.  It ended with me insisting on a selfie with him and then hugging the poor man until he had to  physically push me away.  It turns out that 15 year old daughters don’t think this is funny or indeed that the selfie you send them of you and their history teacher clutching a trophy he had won is anything other than utterly utterly mortifying?! Even Mrs P was heard to enquire the following day “did you really hug him and tell him you loved him?”  As I said at the time all will be well and as usual I have been proved right.  Although even I may be slightly dreading the next parents evening!

I must leave you as there is a leg of pork that needs roasting, an eldest daughter who needs collecting and a youngest son that has promised me he is going to explain how it is that he believes he has been “raised by ducks “ which he announced with total certainty and gravitas just before 6am this morning!  No doubt I will have to explain all next time I write!

Have a lovely Sunday.

My very, very best regards


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