Bowdens Farm, Hambridge, Somerset, TA10 0BP, England

Sunday ramble – staff outing & July box

Brown & Forrest team

Good morning from a rather damp Somerset.  I’m afraid I have to confess that although I love all sport football and I have never been natural bed fellows.  I think it probably stems back to being absolutely hopeless at it from the word go and moving onto the other shaped ball as soon as I could.  Grown men rolling around on the floor as if they have been shot and simultaneously had their leg broken in three places when no one has gone within five yards of them may also have something to do with my apathy for the game?!  HOWEVER, we did watch the second half last night and it was brilliant and although I am now already nervous about the next instalment on Wednesday it is wonderful to finally have something to really cheer about.

It is July and that means I have a new box for you!  This month we have based it on the favourite products of the loons Mrs P and me.  As you might expect they are all different but when looked at as a collection we thought they were a perfect mix to make up the July Box.  It will contain: –


200g Cold Smoked Salmon = Mrs P

4x Pork & Parsnip Sausages = Stan (although he’d rather there were 8!)

2x Hot Smoked Trout Fillets = Nancy

2x Hot Smoked Chicken Breasts = Bertie

100g Mackerel Pate = Edie

From me I thought I would give you a gift that hopefully you find useful and that is a magnetic bottle opener that sticks to your fridge.  I’m sorry if you think this sounds a bit tacky and possibly even gimmicky and I have to admit to agreeing with you until I saw them and indeed realised quite how many man hours are lost looking for a bottle opener – I hope you find it useful.  This will all be delivered to a door of your choosing for £35 and is available now.  I hope you enjoy the family Pattisson collection.

Finally, I have a rather shocking confession to make and that is that on Friday I was the owner of possibly the worse hangover I have had for a jolly good few years!  The cause of this was our first staff outing and night out for nearly three years.  My amazing crew have worked so incredibly hard for so long with no opportunity to kick back and dare I say let their hair down.  So on Thursday night we did just that for drinks and supper at our local hostelry.  It got suitably out of hand and was the latest I’d been to bed in a decade.  I had at least had the foresight to suggest I would “work from home “ on Friday and it’s a jolly good job that I did.  Of course the rest of the crew assure me they felt perfectly fine and that it must be my age – which of course it is!

I must away as there is cricket to get Bertie to and breakfast to make.  I hope you have a restful Sunday.

My very, very best regards,


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