Sunny Sussex!

I write this to you very early this morning sat at my parent’s kitchen table in East Sussex.  My darling Dad has just delivered a bucketful of delicious strong tea and we are sat looking at the most glorious of mornings arriving over the Downs in a companionable silence.  Somerset, The Smokery, Mrs P and the loons is home and where I belong but to come to somewhere so familiar and be with my folks after what feels like a lifetime really is the most wonderful thing.  Nancy and Edith who rode shotgun to keep me company and awake on the journey are still fast asleep, as is their Granny.  It wasn’t a planned trip but a last minute essential one and to be allowed at last to do it has been a joy.

We arrived laden with food for what Charlie calls a “Sunny Day Lunch” as my sister and her family joined us and we sat safely distanced in the garden and had a feast.  It made me think that a lot of our orders this week had been a bit bigger and involved such things as whole sides of hot smoked salmon, hams and multiple chicken breasts.  People are definitely beginning to feel a bit braver and like me are having family gatherings, seeing friends they haven’t and are also daring to go on holidays in long ago booked campsites and cottages which slightly to their surprise they are still allowed to fulfil.  On that basis Tim and I have come up with a box for this week which is slightly different and much bigger than our usual offerings.  The idea being that all you need to do is add bread and salad and you have a feast for two or three families.

Friends & Family Feast Box

1 x 600g cold smoked salmon

4 x hot smoked chicken breasts (we will also enclose our amazing coronation chicken recipe)

1.5 kg whole baked ham

1 whole side of hot smoked trout

1 bottle of Gris Marin Rose

The price for this will be £85 delivered a saving of £30.

So many folk have asked recently if we are able to add a bottle of something to their orders that we thought we would put one in.  This Rose is utterly delicious and is from Paddy my local wine merchant.  I hope this might be something of use if like so many others you are taking the first tentative steps of having the odd alfresco social gathering.

As you can imagine the girls and I had quite a fun trip from Somerset to Sussex we left in jolly good time at 7.15am for which I congratulated them both.  So, you can imagine my frustration when at 7.30am we had driven just 200yds up the lane and were still stationary.  The reason for this was that having worked on an enormous playlist for our road trip the girls could not get their phone to ‘talk’ to the car and refused to go any further until I had made it do so.  Anyone who knows me knows that technology of any sort leaves me cold and in most cases is an irritant so in my usual way I simply pressed every button in front of me on the car radio and switched the car on and off about 8 times as the tension and temperature in the car rose dramatically and the air got a good  bit bluer.  Eventually some piece of music by someone called The Vamps blared out at me and I was allowed to recommence our journey!  I also firmly withdrew my congratulations for being in the car at the requested time and drove in silence towards the A303!

I must away as the girls and granny have now appeared and there is talk of eggy bread for breakfast!

My very, very best regards,