Pattisson’s awards evening & weekly ramble

Good morning from a very damp Somerset.  Having promised the loons a serious family game of cricket today I am banking on the sworn by saying of my dad’s, which he would repeatedly use to cheer me up when I was young and had a cricket match later in the day on a very, very wet morning, “Rain before 7 fine by 11”.  On that basis let’s hope we are all in shorts and T-shirts and smelling of sun cream before the first ball is hurled down in anger later on!

I am under orders to empty the truck completely and bring home as many crates as I can find for storing all the ridiculous number of books we have, and that if I don’t sort through all my clothes today voluntarily Charlie will simply do it herself – if she hasn’t seen me wear it in the last six weeks it’s going to be recycled?!  I did suggest that that would clearly be silly as there had not been much call for morning suits and cricket whites in the last four months to which my eyes were held in a vice like glare and it was pointed out that she was not silly, it had been six weeks since I had first promised to do it, had I remembered we had to move house in three weeks’ time and did I have anything else to offer up in defence?  Clearly when you read this, I will be knee deep in long forgotten rugby shirts trying to come up with a good enough reason to be allowed to keep them!


I spent most of yesterday making rather a lot of salmon pate in readiness for the SALMON BOX which is available from today.  We decided to do this following the enormous success of the trout box which we did a few weeks ago.

The SALMON BOX will contain 200g cold smoked salmon, 2 hot smoked salmon steaks and a 200g pot of salmon pate all delivered to any door of your choosing for £29 which is a saving of very nearly £7.  It’s a lovely way of trying all three versions of salmon that we offer and if you are already a salmon lover its clearly mana from heaven.

Our large Friends and Family Feast Box has proved hugely popular and along with our July Box of goodies are all still available through the website or just call Amber in the office from 9 am tomorrow morning on 01458 250875


I think one of the strangest things for the loons, and indeed most of us, through this bizarre locked down world we have been living in is that nothing really appeared to have a start or an end, everything simply merged into one continuous stream of nameless days with a permanent undercurrent of repetition.  The loons like everyone else did 2/3 of their school year in the normal way and the final third at home.  Usually there would have been the huge hullabaloo of changing schools, form tutors, finishing exams and last week of term mayhem, that to my eyes tends to almost border on the insane.  This doesn’t even take into account the long list of teachers that the loons want to give presents too!!   On Monday evening Mrs P was feeling a bit glum about all this and said we needed to do something to mark the end of term.  Her solution was more than a little eccentric, as is her way, but brilliant.  We formally wrote to all four of the loons inviting them to the inaugural awards evening of ‘The Pattisson School of Academic Excellence‘, which had been created by the terrifying headmistress Mrs C A Pattisson sometime in March!  The dress was to be smart, the food delicious and the time 6.00pm sharp at the front door and to please ring the bell.  They all duly arrived and were given drinks and nibbles before the headmistress started handing out the gongs with a citation for each winner.  Thankfully, and by some miracle, they had all managed to win something.  We then had a feast of all their favourites and finished with a family sitting of yet another playing of ‘The Great Escape’ which all four adore and quote every line from repeatedly.  It was a brilliant evening full of madness and a lot of laughter.  The girls looked as stunning as their mother and to my great relief my dress shirt still closed around the collar and my ability to tie my bow tie still remained.  I try not to be too soppy and sentimental about things but the pride I feel in Charlie and the loons for getting through the maddest and sometimes hardest of times is immeasurable and something I know I could not have done had the roles been reversed.

As I look out across the levels from my desk here at the smoke it would appear that dad was right again.  The sun is out and cricket awaits but not before the clothes have been sorted – I promise!


My very best regards,